Experienced Sedona Business Leader Carone Cobden

Carone Cobden owns Sedona Second Home, LLC, a successful short-term rental company she established in Sedona, Arizona, in 2017. Between 2009 and 2018, she served the Fairbanks Orthopedic and Urgent Care Center in Alaska as business manager. Carone Cobden’s responsibilities in this role ranged from management of both the medical and administrative staff to oversight of the practice’s finances.

Prior to this work, Ms. Cobden spent nearly six years as a publisher with Capalo Press, which she founded in 2003, and more than four years as owner of The Numi Group, LLC, a business consultancy she co-founded with Doug Toelle that served clients such as the Alaska Department of Labor and University of Alaska e-health programs. She gained additional experience over the course of six years with The Printed Page, a publisher of various monthly magazines, such as The Boat Broker and On the Market.

Carone Cobden spent three years studying broadcast journalism at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks, before pursuing employment opportunities in the field. In addition to roles with several public- and private-sector clients, she served her alma mater as a television production assistant. Her career as a business leader has involved many unique positions, including 18 months as the chief operating officer of Third Sector Technologies, a company providing web-based support for government agencies and nonprofits.


Carone Cobden